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Pure golf by Bill Coore and Ben Crenshaw, truly exhilarated experience, CITIC Shanqin bay Golf club has been awarded as the best new opening golf club of Asia in 2013 by “ Golf Magazine ” , we sincerely invite you to join us to this unique place of the world.

In our quest to not only make Shanqin Bay the number one club in China but a Top 100 Golf Course we will use several key components in our management approach. These key features from the west will help separate us from other properties in Asia and make us very consistent with the top courses and clubs around the world.

The first distinctive feature is our service approach. Unlike other clubs in China, Shanqin Bay has focused on building a very diverse and skilled management team with less management and line employees below them. This makes us very consistent with many top clubs in states where most of the member and guest experience happens with directly with management instead of intermediary employee levels. Because of abundance and ease of labor this is quite a contrast from traditional Asian clubs.

The second and most important part of this approach is what we refer to as Shadow Service. In a club as high end and exclusive club like Shanqin Bay we feel our members and their guests deserve the very best service that can be provided in the club industry. By using Shadow we feel this will differentiate us from any clubs in China and put us in the upper echelon of clubs around the world.

The concept of Shadow is simple but requires strong work ethic and dedication to being the best the world. Once a member or guest touches one of our service outlets like member transportation they are never left unaccompanied. A Member Service Manager along with a driver will be at the airport to receive them and stay with them until they arrive and are passed on to another part of our management team. Shadow then proceeds throughout all our areas of services including front desk reception, locker rooms, pro shop, starter areas, and during their round of golf. Simple put we feel or members and guests deserve the very best service possible directly from our management team.

The second real differentiator from other clubs in Asia is our golf course maintenance practices and ultimate playability. From a world opinion China has had a reputation of producing very lush green but very slow golf courses. Although these conditions have satisfied the Asian golfer they have held back Chinese courses from being recognized and respected as top courses. With players from the west feeling the courses are too watered down in the fairways and greens that slope well below US standards this will be an area we can differentiate ourselves.

At Shanqin Bay we hold our course to standard consistent with top courses around the world which means harder and faster than any course in China. This will require extensive aerifications, top dressing, verticutting, and water management practices to achieve. It is also fair to expect that not only will our course play different but certainly look different visually as well. Shanqin Bay will have a brownish tent that looks very consistent with top links courses in the west.  Proving these practices will give us two distinctive differences from a playability standpoint. The first is the fairways where Bill Coore designed the course to for the player to be able to drive on the fairway. Because of the typical conditions in China most other courses do not permit this to occur. At the same time it also allows the player to run the ball along the fairway and into the green as opposed to having the fly the ball on every shot. This will in itself introduce a new style of play in China.

The second differentiator is the greens where the average stimp reading in China is around 8.5 which is significantly below the average US rating of 10.5 for top courses and tournament play. At Shanqin By we will set our standard of between 9.5 and 10.5 on a daily basis. This speed along with the green design contours of Shanqin Bay will create a very unique and special putting experience like nothing else seen in China. 

The mixture of Chinese and western service, plus the state-of-art golfing experience, help us create the exclusive management concept of Shanqin Bay, based on which we will realize our goal of the best in China, and top one hundred in the world.

Joey Garon (US) General Manager

Graduated from Southeastern Louisiana University, worked as operation supervisor of Desert Resorts Golf Club in La Quinta, California, vice-general manager of KSL Recreation Management Operation in La Quinta, California, general manager of Bonita Springs, Florida.

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Christopher P. May (US) Superintendent

Christopher P. May, who is from the United States, is an undergraduate of the University of Wisconsin, Madison. Engaged in the golf industry since 1985, he worked as the Superintendent in Golden Lake Golf Club in Foshan, Guangdong Province; Agronomist at Four Seasons Resort in Nevis, West Indies; Superintendent at Sandy Lane Hotel in Barbados, West Indies; Project Manager with Troon Golf in the Dominican Republic; and General Manager of Jennings Turf International in La Paz, Mexico.

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Allen Hu Superintendent

Allen Hu, a graduate in turf management at Beijing Forestry University, took part in the State High-Tech Development Plan and published several academic papers in China’s core periodicals. He was the Superintendent in Qiandaohu Country Club in Hangzhou City, and is a member of Course Management Committee Member of China Golf Association.

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Ling Changhao Operation Director

Ling got seventeen years experience in golf field, worked as director or general manager in sevral top-level golf clubs and 5-star hotels in China, the guest professor in Tianjing Institute of Sports.

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Zhao Kuan Marketing & Membership Service Director

PhD Candidate of New Zealand Waikato University, post graduate of Tourism Management School, Beijing International Studies University. Started career in club management since 2008, once worked as assistant of vice GM of Frenchman’s Creek Country Club, Marketing Manager of St. Andrews (Zhengzhou) Golf Club Enterprise.

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Zeng Jinsheng Human Resource Director

MBA Degree of Hong Kong Asia Business College, worked as human resource manager of Wuxi Jinyuan Golf Club, and executive director of Qingyuan Shengxing Enterprise.

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