9th HolePAR4

  • 358Yds
  • 348Yds
  • 340Yds
  • 245Yds

A forced carry from beach level up over a cliff protected by caves most of the fairway is blind to the player.  The right fairway bunker provides a good aiming target for most levels and slightly right is a good miss. Anything too far left of that aiming point will find either native area or bunkers.   The two bunkers guarding the fairway are usually not in play for most players.  The approach is open as the green contains no bunkers but with an uphill lie and a predominately right to left wind be careful not to miss left.  Even if you avoid the native area the green has a severe embankment making chipping very difficult.  A ridge that runs along the front right of the green effects all putts that have front and middle pin placements.