10th HolePAR5

  • 552Yds
  • 537Yds
  • 499Yds
  • 382Yds

Another forced carry to the fairway but not significant if played down the left side.  A fairway bunker/waste area down the right is easily carried by the better player and sets the hole up nicely.  A well placed tee shot will give the better player a chance to get home in two.  The key for the average player is to avoid the fairway bunkers at all cost or they will not be able to get home in regulation.  After avoiding or dealing with the fairway bunkers strategy is required in the layup.  A huge ravine runs across the fairway starting at the 150 yard marker and if the player does not carry it they will have a blind approach with either an uphill or downhill lie.  The green is well protected with bunkers as you’d from a reachable par 5.  Once you navigated the hole and found the green the deep valley on the right side of the green controls the breaks.