11th HolePAR3

  • 251Yds
  • 234Yds
  • 211Yds
  • 196Yds

Long par 3 that must be treated with respect or big number is possible.  Most average players will not be able to fly the ball on the green which creates problems.  The green is very well guarded with the exception of the left front.  With the fairway slopping for left to right the correct play is actually left of the green allowing the slope to bring the ball back into the middle.  Being short of this green is actually not a bad option making a score of 4 fairly easy with the chance for a 3 as a possibility.  Anything into the bunkers or native will lead to much higher.  The green is huge and has a lot of break.  Like 10 before it most of the puts will break hard towards the valley.