12th HolePAR4

  • 426Yds
  • 341Yds
  • 310Yds
  • 287Yds

The forced carry off the tee must be respected by the average player.  Most players will be intimidated by the fairway bunker that is placed right in the middle of a huge fairway.  Any ball finding this bunker will most like end up in a punch out as its deep with a high face.  Playing down the right side is the shortest path as long as you don’t venture to far right and find the native.  If you manage to get over or around the bunker you’ll find a downhill slope that will gain you some pretty good yardage.  From the landing area to the green is a short iron but be careful.  Its straight up hill to a blind green and anything short will either come back off the green and down the slope or catch one of the greenside bunkers.  The greenside on the left side is nasty and deep.  Once on the green the challenge just begins as it slopes big time from back to front with the valley on the left dictating most of the breaks.  Extremely slow with a ton of break when putting from front to back and lightning fast and slippery coming the opposite direction.