13th HolePAR5

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Because of the length of the hole coupled with a forced carry this will more than likely be the hardest hole on the course.  The player must find the fairway off the tee to have any chance at a par.  The tee is elevated and usually has a helping wind but the forced carry for the average player is problematic and they must stay left.  The better players can use a line to right over native and a pot bunker which shortens the hole but be careful not to venture too far right.  Once you’ve found fairway the hole pinches in with bunkers on both sides that make you think about how far you must lay bay.  For those that leave too many yards coming into the hole a cross bunker 100 yards out is there to gobble up a week shot.  The front of the green is open to run the ball in but the very front and right side of the green is a false front and the ball will run off and away from the green.  With the hillside of the left and a valley to the right most chips and puts will break right with the exception of a couple of unique pin placements.