15th HolePAR4

  • 462Yds
  • 399Yds
  • 376Yds
  • 365Yds

Without much of a forced carry you wouldn’t expect it but this is perhaps the most intimidating drive on the course.  Playing along the Ocean the whole length it is exposed and with an elevated tee box the wind is a huge factor.  The fairway pinches due to a large native area coming in off the left side.  The average player must just focus on getting the shot in play and not worrying about distance as 5 is a good score here.  The better players provided the wind is not too strong can fly the native area on the left and if they can will find a wide landing area.  All layup or approach shots must stay to the left.  The fairway tilts hard to right to left and anything remotely right of the target is death.  On the other hand anything left or just right of the clubhouse will bounce hard to the right and perhaps even find the green due to a high embankment that circles the green from the left.  The green is relatively flat but because it sits up and is exposed to the wind it has a tendency to be faster than most of the greens.  If given a chance the ball will move slightly towards the Sea.  It’s the shortest par 5 in Asia!