16th HolePAR4

  • 314Yds
  • 294Yds
  • 286Yds
  • 216Yds

Short, beautiful, opportunistic, and dangerous on this hole.  Usually playing into the wind from an elevated tee the carry for an average player can be an issue.  Good players can attack the hole with a driver but remember anything that finds the fairway provides a short approach shot.  In fact, might be better to approach with a full shot rather than a pitch.  Either way all players must avoid the bunker that guards the center of the fairway.  With a hard sloping left to right fairway the ideal drive is one that targets the fairway left of the bunker but that lands short.  The ball will roll and trickle in front of the bunker and end up right of the bunker in ideal position. With a short approach proper placement is everything.  This green has some treacherous pin placements that must respected.  Any putts coming from the back or left of this green are lightning so try to avoid.  Consequently, any putt moving away from the Ocean will be slow.  A back left pin placement is for adults only so bring your passport…