17th HolePAR4

  • 361Yds
  • 322Yds
  • 312Yds
  • 293Yds

If the forced carry from an elevated tee isn’t enough to intimidate you perhaps the head wind will?  Average players must aim slightly left for the closest part of the fairway where as better players can toy with a drive down the right side and the lower level of the fairway.  Players can play their ball from the beach but most players will record a really high number.  The green is tucked in between a hillside on the left and drop off to the beach on the right so once again be sure to proceed with caution.  Be sure to check your club selection as this is one of the longest greens on the course and pin placement could result in a three club differential.  Being short provides a reasonable opportunity for the average player especially if the realize to high to low fall off with all chips and putts breaking hard to the right towards the Sea and away from the hill.